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Kashmiris Feel Alienated 6 Months After India 'Annexation'

Deutsche Welle

In August 2019, New Delhi scrapped Kashmir's semi-autonomous status, imposing a security blockade in the region. Rifat Fareed, DW's reporter in Srinagar, says six months on, Kashmiris feel more disgruntled than ever.


India: Curfew, Internet Closures as Citizenship Protests Continue

Deutsche Welle

Indian police have imposed strict security measures amid protests over a citizenship law discriminating against Muslims. At least seven people have died so far in the ongoing unrest.


Indian Parliament Approves Citizenship Bill, Sparking Protests

Deutsche Welle

Protesters in India's ethnically diverse northern regions clashed with police, as the contentious bill passed the upper house of parliament. Muslims would be excluded from the fast-track citizenship laws.


India Parliament Passes Citizenship Amendment Bill

Deutsche Welle

For the first time, India would use religion as a legal basis for determining nationality, if the bill passes the upper house too. It's part of the Hindu nationalist strategy promoted by Narendra Modi.

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