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Anti-Extradition Movement


Trump Suggests Beijing to 'Humanely' Resolve Hong Kong Issues


Donald Trump suggested to have a "personal meeting" with Xi Jinping to discuss how to resolve issues in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Airport Adopts Measures to Restrict Future Protests


After a night of clashes at the Hong Kong airport, the court and the airport authority have issued measures to restrict future protests.


Hongkongers Occupy Airport in a Solemn Protest Against Police Brutality


Hong Kong protesters took over the international airport to express their anger over police violence.


Hong Kong's Civil Resilience Shines Through a 'Stargazing Night'

Daphne K. Lee

Hongkongers had a night off from the protests and put on a spectacular light show together.


A Visual Review of Hong Kong's Artful Protest

TNL Staff

Protest art has been the creative backbone of Hong Kong's anti-extradition movement.


Carrie Lam Says Protesters Pushed Hong Kong to the "Verge of a Very Dangerous Situation"


Carrie Lam condemns protesters in Hong Kong for causing disruption with a citywide strike.


Rioting Charges Strip Away Our Everyday Normality, Says HK Activist Johnson Yeung

Johnson Yeung

In Hong Kong, rioting charges are punishable by up to 10 years in prison. 44 young protesters are facing rioting charges and their lives will forever be altered.


Beijing Condemns Protester Violence While Praising Hong Kong Police and Government

Daphne K. Lee

Beijing strongly condemns protester violence in Hong Kong and stresses the priority to restore peace in the city.


Hongkongers Use Creative Excuses to Evade Protest Ban in Yuen Long


Police have declined Saturday's protest request in Yuen Long, but protesters came up with different excuses to justify the assembly.


Hong Kong Triads Have Replaced the Police as Law Enforcement

New Bloom

The Hong Kong police have outsourced its law enforcement duties to pro-Beijing triads, leaving public safety at risk.

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