One Country, Two Systems


China Lawmakers to Vote on New Security Law for Hong Kong

Deutsche Welle

While thousands of Chinese lawmakers gather for their annual session, Beijing is preparing a new law against subversive activities in Hong Kong. Opposition democrats in the city warn it would be "the end of Hong Kong."


The ‘1992 Consensus’ Never Existed — Beijing Only Wanted ‘One China’

Raphael Lin

The "1992 Consensus" has been flung around by Taiwanese politicians as a way to discuss cross-strait relations, but there was never even a consensus.


Hong Kong Unlikely to Regain Confidence in Its Economic Outlook

East Asia Forum

Hong Kong's economy has been slipping even before the protests, and with the failing "one country, two systems," the city's future as an international hub is looking even grimmer.


Hong Kong's Special Status Should Remain Unchanged Beyond 2047

The Interpreter

Hong Kong and China would both benefit from more clarity on what the city's status will be after 2047.

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