Myanmar: Trade Unions Call for Economic ‘Shut Down’ in Protest of Junta

Voice of America

The call to shut down the economy comes after bloody crackdowns on protesters and military occupation of hospitals in Yangon.


Taiwan Unions Buoyed by China Airlines Success

Yuan-ling Liang

While some unions have leveraged the success of the flight attendants' strike, other industries face challenges in worker organization and collective bargaining.


Unions Threaten to Strike after Flight Attendants’ Success

Bing-sheng Lee

The strike by China Airline flight attendants ended after management agreed to employee demands. Now more unions are threatening to strike.

 [PHOTO STORY] Airline Strike Follows Years of Deteriorating Conditions

[PHOTO STORY] Airline Strike Follows Years of Deteriorating Conditions

Edward White

“They don’t treat us as human beings.” China Airlines staff say their health has been suffering as work conditions have steadily worsened in recent years.

Uniqlo Opening

Workers of Uniqlo's Contracting Manufacturer in China are on Strike Again

TNL 編輯

The National Federation of Independent Trade Unions says Artigas never allocated insurance for its workers. The announcement of setting up a new factory is absurd because management never informed anyone and moved the equipment in secret.

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