Hong Kong extradition bill


6 Ways Hong Kong’s National Security Law Contradicts Its Current Legal System

Li Kua-teng

The national security law contradicts Hong Kong's de facto constitution and strips judges of their power of interpretation.


Hongkongers Use Creative Excuses to Evade Protest Ban in Yuen Long


Police have declined Saturday's protest request in Yuen Long, but protesters came up with different excuses to justify the assembly.


Legislature Occupation in Hong Kong Prompts Sunflower Comparison

New Bloom

Hong Kong protestors stormed the legislature, drawing similarities to Sunflower Movement.


How Will Hong Kong's Controversial Extradition Bill Impact Taiwan?

Daphne K. Lee

While Taiwan looks to Hong Kong as a cautionary tale of 'one country, two systems,' its own lack of a refugee law is coming under scrutiny.

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