Is Democracy the Only Game in Town in Taiwan?

Timothy S. Rich

Survey revealed that a sizable portion of the Taiwanese public evaluated one of the authoritarian-era leaders favorably.


German Chancellor Warns China Not To Change Status Quo By Force

TNL Staff

Besides urging against the use of force on Taiwan, Scholz highlighted the necessity to work with Beijing to solve global issues, including climate change.


US Shores up Indo-Pacific Allies, Partners Ahead of Blinken’s Beijing Trip

Voice of America

The busy week of diplomacy is designed to reaffirm Washington’s desire to bolster ties with allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific.


Blinken’s China Visit: Can He Avoid War Becoming a Reality?

Deutsche Welle

Antony Blinken heads to China as increasing tensions over Taiwan make the lack of communication between Washington and Beijing more dangerous than ever.


Taiwan: Opinions Split Over Lai’s Handling of DPP’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

TNL Staff

The implications of the scandal on the upcoming 2024 presidential election, in which Lai is expected to run as the DPP candidate, remain uncertain.


Suicide Deaths Hit Three-Year High in Taiwan

TNL Staff

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for those aged 15-24.


Discovering Southeast Asian Grocery Stores in Taiwan

every little d

As migrant communities formed, Southeast Asian grocery stores have sprung up across Taiwan.


How Party Affiliation Affects Public Perceptions of Free Speech in Taiwan

Timothy S. Rich

Supporters of ruling parties would be more likely to trust the government and to assume that such restrictions are in the public’s interest.


East Asia’s Low Welfare Spending Model Fails to Tackle Inequality

The Interpreter

Some say due to strong familial ties, intra-family transfers more or less substituted the role of state welfare in East Asia. But families are getting smaller and evidence suggests that private transfers are not equivalent to public welfare.


Cuban, US Governments Deny Secret Chinese Spy Base in Cuba

Deutsche Welle

The Wall Street Journal said Beijing and Havana secretly agreed on the facility, some 100 miles off Florida. The Cuban government denied the “unfounded” reports, while the White House said it wasn’t “accurate.”

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