The Emergence of ‘Collective Strategic Ambiguity’ on Taiwan

The Interpreter

The United States has shifted to a new strategy of “collective strategic ambiguity” in response to China's increasing military intimidation of Taiwan.


A Booming Market: Taiwan Podcast Trends Report 2023

TNL Research

The latest survey conducted by z.com Engagement Lab looks into the vast market potential of podcasts for advertisers, businesses, and program creators.


What Foreign Residents in Taiwan Think About VP Lai-Ching Te’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

TNL Feature

Lai-Ching Te spelled out his plan to preserve peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait in a Wall Street Journal op-ed in early July.


Survey: Taiwan the 5th Best Place To Live For Expats

TNL Staff

The survey found the happiness level of expats in Taiwan was as high as 78%, which was slightly higher than the average happiness score globally.


Taiwan To Expand Presence in India Amid Growing Economic Ties

Voice of America

The Mumbai Taipei Economic and Cultural Center, the third Taiwanese representative office in India, is expected to open next year.

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Taiwan Statebuilding Party Urges Government To Raise China Travel Advisory After Expanded Anti-Espionage Law

TNL Staff

After China’s expanded anti-espionage law took effect, Taiwan Statebuilding Party chairman Wang Sing-huan urged the Mainland Affairs Council to upgrade travel advisory for for citizens traveling to China, Macau , and Hong Kong.

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Hollywood Is Making More Movies, TV Shows About Asian Americans

Voice of America

Hollywood TV shows and movies featuring Asian Americans help the diaspora community identify with themselves and hedge against stereotypes of Asian identities in the Western world.


Did Biden Make a Series of Promises to Xi?

Voice of America

Chinese officials and state media insist that U.S. President Joe Biden has made a series of promises to China’s Xi Jinping, which ought to guide official U.S. conduct toward China.


As China Throws Support Behind Russia, Analysts See Deeper Fissures

Voice of America

Experts say the chaotic coup staged by the Wagner Group under Prigozhin could make Xi Jinping think twice about starting a war in the Taiwan Strait.


Taiwan Rejects Four-Day Work Week Proposal

TNL Staff

Workers in Taiwan log one of the highest working hours globally.

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