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South Korea Forcing Schools to Use Government-Issued History Textbooks

Sid Weng

Opposing parties, students and scholars have criticized the government for distorting the history of South Korea, accusing the government for being against the democracy. More than 60 thousand professors disapprove the government's actions, along with dozens of university students, labor unions and religious and social movement organizations. Many citizens and student groups have taken to the streets and were driven away by the police.

課綱, 教育部

Investigation Report of Textbook Controversy Says Reporters Were Arrested According to Law


The three reporters that were arrested held a press conference in front of Taipei City Hall this morning and say the investigation report fails to clarify key points of their arrest. They also say reflection and advice of the city government are too empty and merely play around with words.

課綱微調 教育部 吳思華 林冠華

Taiwan Ministry of Education Withdraws Lawsuit Against Students and Journalists


The police deprived the journalists of communication rights on the night of July 23, which severely damaged the freedom of press. The press will not accept the ministry’s despicable apology.


Mother of Textbook Controversy Suicide Victim Speaks Out

Zou Chi

Lin’s mother says, “It is the society and adults that are ailing. It is parents like me who have been brainwashed that naively ignore these conversations. We should start reflecting from the very beginning.”


Ministry of Education Says Textbooks of the New Curriculum Have Already Been Printed


The selecting and printing process of the textbooks have been completed, and it is unlikely the enforcement of the curriculum will be delayed.


Students Break into Government Buildings in Honor of Taiwan Textbook Controversy Suicide Victim


The anti new curriculum guideline alliance states that even if Lin’s suicide is blamed on his inability to deal with the stress, his death still calls on people to save the education of Taiwan.

反黑箱課綱 課綱微調

20-year-old Spokesperson of Curriculum Controversy Commits Suicide


The 20-year-old student of Juang Jing Vocational High School was arrested last week for breaking into Ministry of Education and was ruled a NT$ 20,000 (approximately US$ 600) bail by the court.

螢幕快照 2015-07-24 上午8.52.26

33 Protestors Break into the Ministry of Education


33 students and civilians protesting alterations made to curriculum guidelines climbed over the walls surrounding the Ministry of Education and broke into the building.

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