Hu Xijin


Reports: Chinese Authorities Using Covid-tracking App To Thwart Protesters

Voice of America

In Zhengzhou, protests fizzled after people found their health codes had suddenly turned red, meaning they couldn’t travel.


Chinese Newspaper Removes Editorial Calling for More Media Freedom

Voice of America

Hu Xijin is better known for his acerbic attacks on the United States, but in his Monday piece, he instead criticized Beijing.


KMT Reversal Prompts Fresh Chinese War Threat Against Taiwan

Voice of America

The Kuomintang has urged the government to actively pursue restoration of formal diplomatic ties with Washington, eliciting a bellicose response from Chinese state media.


Chinese Internet Users React After Authorities Target Citizens for Using VPNs

Oiwan Lam

Netizens are worried after authorities fined a Guangdong resident for using a VPN.

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