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OPINION: Taiwan’s International Schools Are a Deregulated Nightmare

Jasmine Su

Taiwan's failure to regulate its international schools has ill effects that impact its entire education system.

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US$595 Million Taiwan National Research Project Retracted due to Multiple Plagiarism


Taiwan government's over-emphasis on producing more papers on Science Citation Index (SCI) and Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) has resulted in issues where researchers often strive for quick success and instant benefits instead of making long-term plans.


Taiwan Fifth Graders Win Gold Medal for Inventing Automatic Selfie Stick


It takes both hands to expand a traditional selfie stick, which becomes very inconvenient when holding other things. The inconvenience inspired the students' idea of incorporating the feature of automatic umbrellas into traditional selfie sticks.

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High School Students Rush to Major in Science-Related Subjects in Fear of Unemployment


Some students that suggest that high school students shouldn’t have to take compulsory auxiliary courses during winter and summer vacations. But an official from the Education Administration quotes a principal and says that laziness is human nature. If compulsory courses during winter and summer vacations are canceled, do the students have the ability to plan out their time?

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Languages of Immigrants in Taiwan Will Become Compulsory Classes in Elementary Schools


To help retain the language abilities of the second generation of immigrants, Wu says that the curriculum guideline of 2018 stipulates that elementary school students have to attend related courses, including Taiwanese, Hakka, aboriginal language, as well as languages of immigrants. Junior high school students can select whichever mother tongue they want to learn, and the school has to offer the course as long as a student enrolls.

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Minister of Education says National Health Insurance should be Provided for Mainland Chinese Students

Shih Yuan

The Minister of Education Wu Se-hwa says from an education point of view, all students coming from outside of Taiwan should be treated the same. Health insurance is provided for overseas Chinese students and foreign students in Taiwan, but not for those from Mainland China, which has led to some disputes on campus.


Air Pollution at High, But Standards for Canceling School Absurd


The average PM2.5 level in the US is 12 micrograms, bringing about 110 thousand premature deaths. According to this estimation, there ought to be 30 thousand to 60 thousand casualties in Taiwan, making air pollution more deadly than typhoons.


Ministry of Education to Dissolve or Integrate 160 Universities in Taiwan

Shih Yuan

Liu Qing-xu, secretary-general of The National Federation of Teachers Unions (NFTU), says funds invested by both the government and industries are far less than other countries. To improve the quality of universities, Taiwan needs to redefine the meaning of high-level education rather than just calculate the trivial costs of running a school or simply reduce number of schools.

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Taiwanese High Schools Offering Southeast Asian Languages Courses Due To High Demand


At first, the schools only opened courses for European, Japanese and Korean languages, but with the surge in the number of immigrants from Southeast Asia and their second generations, as well as Southeast Asia's rapid economic development, more high schools have started to offer courses for Southeast Asian languages.


Taiwan Universities Might Replace English Departments with Southeast Asian Languages Due To Growing Demand


In regard that the supply of English-speaking talent exceeds the demand, the Ministry of Education considers it necessary to restructure the academic distribution while many scholars are in favor of cutting the amount of English departments and replacing them with departments of Southeast Asian languages and other rare languages.

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