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台灣同志遊行 參與者力挺跨國同婚

Taiwan: Same-Sex Marriage for Transnational Couples Legalized

Bryan Chou

Beginning in 2024, most Taiwanese and foreign national partners will be able to marry in Taiwan, regardless of the legal status of same-sex marriage in the foreign national’s home country.


Taiwan’s 2022 in Review

Bryan Chou

From the largest public displays of protest in a generation arising in China to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the most important developments internationally in the past year had a profound influence on Taiwan and the region.


China Says Military Drills Around Taiwan Will Continue

Deutsche Welle

Several days of activity have disrupted shipping and air travel, with Taiwan saying the move amounts to a blockade.


Do Civil Servants in Taiwan Earn Twice as Much as Private Sector Workers?

Roy Ngerng

The mystery of how much Taiwan’s civil servants earn shows the government to be unserious about transparency and raising wages.


Belgium Stuck With AstraZeneca Jabs — and Why That Matters for Taiwan

Jeremy Van der Haegen

The task of reassuring the public that AstraZeneca vaccines were safe was not easy. Officials in Belgium and Taiwan have met the challenge.


China Doubles Down on Fiji Incident

Jenny Li

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s response to its diplomats’ conduct was not only at odds with most media reports on the events, but also the image it wishes to project.


Not Tossing Around Coins: Taiwan’s Economic Stimulus In Light of Covid-19 Success

Daphne K. Lee

Taiwan's stimulus package is proportionately smaller than that of other countries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, but the Taiwanese government and analysts think it's enough.


Will Taiwan Ever Abolish the Death Penalty?

Syrena Lin

Premier Su Tseng-chang’s remark on the death penalty sparked activist outrage last week, and discussions on the abolition of capital punishment will be a crucial item on Taiwan’s 2020 policy agenda.


Daguan Residents Hold Sit-in, Demand Answers 1 Week Before Eviction

New Bloom

Residents of Daguan Community, slated to be evicted on March 18, have not received answers from the government.


Daguan Residents Clash With Taipei Police After Receiving Eviction Notices

Brian Hioe

Residents of Daguan Community in New Taipei say the Tsai administration has not helped them in their fight against forced eviction.

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