Xi Jinping Taiwan speech


'My Fighting Eagles Fly Around Formosa': Is This the 'China Dream' for Taiwan?

Asia Dialogue

China has steadily signaled to Taiwan that 'peaceful reunification' comes with a generous side helping of military domination.


OPINION: Should Tsai Address US Congress? Let's Ask the People of Taiwan

Milo Hsieh

The brunt of any consequences, positive or negative, to Tsai addressing US Congress would be felt by the people of Taiwan.


OPINION: Let's Get Real About Reaching a 'Consensus' Between Taiwan & China

Kent Wang

The Tsai administration must provide a functional roadmap towards calming animosity and developing positive relations with China, writes Kent Wang.


OPINION: Tsai's Uninspiring Cabinet Choices Reveal a Dearth of DPP Talent

David Evans

Tsai had an opportunity to elevate young, progressive DPP voices after her cabinet resigned en masse earlier this month. She failed to seize it.


ANALYSIS: Xi Jinping's Speech Did Not Give Taiwan's People What They Want

Asia Dialogue

Xi's Jan. 2 speech reiterated the existing PRC stance on its eventual peaceful unification with Taiwan.

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