Meng Wanzhou


Chinese Netizens Had a Field Day Over That Huawei Propaganda Video

Oiwan Lam

Huawei has denied any involvement in the making of the video. Probably for the best.


Banned From WeChat: Huawei, ZTE, 'Amazing China' and 'Salted Fish'

Global Voices

Don't talk about Meng Wanzhou, don't talk about the US ban on ZTE, don't call Huawei a 'demon's mirror.'


Tensions Rise Between Canada & China After Canadian Citizen's Death Sentence


Justin Trudeau has called the sentence 'arbitrary.' China has accused Canada of 'double standards.'


How the Meng Wanzhou Case Imperils the US Commitment to 'Rule of Law'

East Asia Forum

As US-China trade negotiations continue in Beijing, it's hard not to feel like Meng is being leveraged as a 'bargaining chip' – after all, Donald Trump has admitted as much.


Canada Says 13 Citizens Detained in China Since Arrest of Huawei CFO


It's the first admission by Canada's government of the scope of China's detentions of its citizens.


OPINION: No Country Is Safe From the US-China Trade War

East Asia Forum

The conflict between two tantrum-prone superpowers may leave no US ally unscathed.


CARTOON: China Gets Carried 'Huawei' in Tit-for-Tat Canadian Retaliation

Stellina Chen

In the words of Bob Dylan, the story of tit-for-tat retaliation 'Couldn't help, but make me feel ashamed to live in a land where justice is a game.'

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