Taiwan Unveils New Passport Design

TNL Staff

Taiwan has revealed a new passport design, reducing the size of the words "Republic of China."


Stickers Unveiled to 'Fix' Taiwan Passport Debacle

TNL Staff

Washington DC's airport can still be seen around the edges and the sticker is easily removed, yet Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials are confident the amended passports will not hinder holders' freedom to travel.


The Little-Known Passport that Protected 450,000 Refugees

Cara Giaimo

Between 1922 and 1938, the 'Nansen Passport' allowed stateless people to make a new life.


Hong Kong Denies Passports With “Republic Of Taiwan” Stickers


The passport sticker that replaces the ROC symbol with a “Republic of Taiwan” image has been rejected by customs in Macau, Singapore and Hong Kong. However the stickers have been considered valid in most Western countries.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Amending the Law to Block Republic of Taiwan Stickers


The designer of the stickers said on Facebook that the stickers are not meant to change the cover of the passports; rather, they are "an artistic action opposing the Utopian 'Republic of China' system." He accused the amendments drafted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be unconstitutional.


Foreign Minister Says Stickers on Taiwan Passport Covers Are Illegal


The Bureau of Consular Affairs points out the actions violate the part of the Enforcement Rules of Passports that state, "Other than filling in relevant information and signatures, passport holders are not authorized to make any alterations to the passports."

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