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Taiwan’s Same-Sex Marriage Law Left Some Couples Behind, A Year Later

Rik Glauert

As Taiwan’s LGBT community celebrates the anniversary of same-sex marriage legalization, adoption rights and transnational marriages remain on the agenda.


Taiwan’s Newlywed Same-Sex Couples Prepare for Landmark Pride Parade

Rik Glauert

It’s been 5 months since Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage. Where are the married couples now?


Taiwan's Journey to Same-Sex Marriage Inspires 24-Year-Old to Film Her First Documentary

Cat Thomas

Taiwan's same-sex marriage documentary taipeilove* was screened in Berlin during Pride month to a packed-out cinema – now, audiences will have the opportunity to catch it in Taipei and Kaohsiung.


Marriage Equality: Love Wins, But Battles Remain

Cat Thomas

Can Taiwan’s democracy withstand attempts to sabotage Asia’s first same-sex marriage law?


The Highs and Lows, Tears and Cheers of the Marriage Equality Rally

Cat Thomas

On the ground at the Legislative Yuan as Taiwan becomes the first country in Asia to approve same-sex marriage.


The Role of US Christian Conservatives in Taiwan's LGBT Referendum Defeats

The Interpreter

Opponents of same-sex marriage studied a playbook provided by more experienced US church groups in how to counter pro-LGBT rights activism.

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