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Reforming Taiwan’s National Health Insurance System: The Problem

Patrick Ng

Hailed as one of the world's best healthcare systems, Taiwan's national health insurance is facing the risk of bankruptcy. What went wrong?

陳時中籲進入醫療院所戴口罩 守護自己保護他人

Is Taiwan’s Healthcare Ready for Telemedicine After Its Covid-19 Success?

Patrick Ng

Taiwan's success at fighting off Covid-19 may have stalled the adoption of telemedicine.


OPINION: Taiwan Must Be Recognized for Its Global Health Efforts

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan has been an invaluable member of the global health community despite its exclusion from the WHO.


Health Care for All: The Good & Not-So-Great of Taiwan's Universal Coverage

Siok Hui Leong

Taiwan’s health care system is often measured against the world’s best. But is this model of accessible and ‘cheap’ health care viable in the long run?

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