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Taiwan and Philippines Indigenous Groups Find Solidarity in Opposing China

Nick Aspinwall

A delegation of Taiwanese indigenous peoples recently traveled to the Philippines, where they joined in the growing indigenous opposition to a China-funded irrigation project.


INTERVIEW: Tobie Openshaw on Taiwan's Sunflowers, Indigenous Rights & Democracy

Cat Thomas

Videographer Tobie Openshaw on how his experiences in early adulthood shaped his life, his memories of the Sunflower Movement, and his ever-expanding list of projects.


INTERVIEW: '10 Years Taiwan' Directors Dish on Taiwan's Future and Its Present

Nick Aspinwall

The News Lens caught up with '10 Years Taiwan' directors Lekal Sumi and Rina Tsou, who discussed what inspired them as directors and how Taiwan can avoid the film's dismal vision of the future.


Indigenous Occupation Dismantled by Taipei Police on Its 699th Day

New Bloom

Indigenous protesters have vowed to continue their occupation after police dismantled their encampment on Jan. 22.


Taiwan's Indigenous to Xi: Taiwan Is Not China, Xi Does Not 'Understand Dignity'

Nick Aspinwall

In an open letter to Xi Jinping, Taiwan's indigenous call on China to respect the self-determination of the island and its indigenous population.

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