China-Taiwan relations


Taiwan-China Diplomatic Competition Comes to Somaliland

Voice of America

Taiwan’s diplomatic agreement with Somaliland, a self-governing territory, is seen as a symbolic victory.


China Sends 8 Military Planes Into Taiwan Airspace. They’re Not Targeting Just Taiwan

Voice of America

Several Chinese planes have entered Taiwanese airspace over the last month, a marked uptick since Tsai Ing-wen first became president of Taiwan in 2016.


China Uses Cabbage to Advance Disputed Asian Sea Claim

Voice of America

The Chinese navy has just harvested crops it had grown on Woody Island in the South China Sea. This could be used as proof of China’s economic activity on the disputed territory.


Can Asia Stand Up to China's Bullying?

Hilton Yip

European countries are gradually standing up against China's suppression, but what about Asia?


5 Ways the US and Taiwan Can Strengthen Ties and Check China in 2019

Kent Wang

The time is now for the US to recalibrate its China policy to support Taiwan and adapt to a changing Asia-Pacific security climate, writes Kent Wang.

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