What Clubhouse Achieved When It Slipped Behind China’s Firewall

Daphne K. Lee

The tolerant and open space on Clubhouse, however short-lived, prefigured a world in which prejudice and regional conflicts can be resolved, or at least managed to a less volatile level, through dialogue.


Chinese-Australian Cartoonist Badiucao Walks a Fine Line To Avoid Being Politically Hijacked

Global Voices

Chinese dissident cartoonist Badiucao finds it increasingly difficult to make his voice heard in Australia.


China's Caging of Domestic Twitterati Ominous for Overseas Users

Global Voices

One Twitter user said that using the social messaging service in China is now 'more dangerous than street demonstrations.'


HONG KONG: China Silences Badiucao, a Cartoonist Critical of Google's 'Dragonfly'

Global Voices

Political cartoonist Badiucao has gone silent since Nov. 2, when his first Hong Kong exhibition was abruptly canceled due to threats from the Chinese government.

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