Meng Hongwei


China Snaps Back at US Over Newly Issued Travel Advisory


The US State Department urged travelers to China to 'exercise increased caution' on Jan. 3.


OPINION: Missing Photographer Is China's Latest Victim of Arbitrary Detention

Hilton Yip

Lu Guang, missing since Nov. 3 after traveling to Xinjiang, is the latest in an increasingly long list of forced disappearances.


OPINION: Meng Hongwei's Disappearance Reveals an Ugly Internal Truth

Yu Jie

It's a glimpse into the murky political waters where Beijing thrives at controlling outcomes – and in which Meng himself was not simply a victim.


After Fan Bingbing & Meng Hongwei, Nobody Is Safe in Xi Jinping's China

Global Voices

Both the starlet and the cop are victims of Xi's newest repression tactic: liuzhi, or retention in custody.

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