TAIPEI 2023 - 39th Asian International Stamp Exhibition Grand Opening in Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 on 8/11

TAIPEI 2023 - 39th Asian International Stamp Exhibition is held for five consecutive days from August 11 to 15.


Settling in Formosa

TNL Feature

“Publishing is not a very profitable business, but we’re looking to educate people about what a wonderful place Taiwan is. It’s an example for the world.”


An Interview With Chiang Wan-an: From “Drifting North” To “Leaving the North”

Mario Yang

As we discussed why Chiang Wan-an joined the KMT after returning to Taiwan, he said, “One of the most important factors includes Mr. [Chiang] Ching-kuo’s full commitment to public affairs and care for the people. This has left a profound impression on the hearts of Taiwanese people to this day.”


“Princess in the Attic”: Kao Chia-yu’s Path

Judy Chen

Kao Chia-yu, one of Taiwan’s highest profile political leaders, is a constant subject of sensationalist media attention. What hasn’t been explored in depth is her background, values, and how she came to her position. This is the first part of a three part essay on Kao and the world that made her.


Follow Old-School Taipeiers Through Dalongdong


Like other settlements along the Tamsui River, Dalongdong was one of the first areas to develop in Taipei. It’s also a traditional gathering place for literary and artistic youth in Taipei.


Taiwan’s Level 3 Covid-19 Alert Expanded Nationwide

TNL Staff

Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said the alert for the entire country will be in place until next Friday.


Non-Resident Foreign Nationals Banned Entry to Taiwan as Surge in Infections Continues

TNL Staff

Health minister Chen Shih-chung said Taiwan will ban entry to foreign nationals without a residence permit from May 19 to June 18, with exceptions for emergency and humanitarian purposes.


Hidden in Plain Sight: Secret Spots in Taipei’s Most Popular Places


Here are some secret spots in Taipei's most popular areas you have probably never stopped by.

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