Can Politicians Rise Above Partisanship To Address Indonesia’s Environmental Crisis?

East Asia Forum

Politicians in Indonesia have the potential to initiate the systemic changes necessary for environmental management but they face challenges including corruption, overlapping jurisdictions, and the influence of business interests.


China’s Media Misses the Mark on Myanmar

East Asia Forum

China's media has largely ignored Myanmar's political crisis and the plight of its people, focusing instead on criminal networks involved in online scams.

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Thai Politics Moves Forward Without Move Forward

East Asia Forum

The failure of Pita Limjaroenrat to be appointed as Thailand’s prime minister, despite the success of his party Move Forward in the May 2023 general elections, highlights a generational divide in the country's politics.

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Does Spanish Nationalism Exist?

The Conversation

The emergence of regional nationalisms, such as Catalan or Basque nationalism, has challenged the idea of a unified Spain.


What Tsai Ing-wen’s Resignation From DPP Leadership Means

Hiro Fu

With the 2024 DPP nomination favored to go to Vice President Lai Ching-te, attention is now on whether he will deviate from President Tsai’s cross strait policy.


Taoyuan Mayoral Race Illustrates Hypocrisy in DPP and KMT Strategies

Hiro Fu

The Taoyuan mayoral race has featured hypocritical partisan attacks that speak to real problems in Taiwan’s democracy.


OPINION: Does the DPP Victory in Kaohsiung Mark a Return To Normal?

Hiro Fu

The by-election has brought a few aspects of Taiwanese politics into focus: party domination, the KMT's failed choice in choosing a candidate, and the high expectations that Mayor Chen will be facing.


The Sexist Media Coverage of Jane Lee

Nicholas Haggerty

There is no doubt that sexism was driving a media narrative to gin up attention and web traffic for an undramatic race.


Splits Emerge Among Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Parties Over Boycott Pledge

Voice of America

Hong Kong has offered to extend pan-democratic lawmakers' current terms until September 30, 2021; it appears more moderate lawmakers prefer to stay, while younger lawmakers argue for boycott.


When Dictators Fall, Who Replaces Them?

The Conversation

A global glance at the future of authoritarianism.

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