Ko Wen-je


How Will Taiwan’s Next President Approach Relations With Washington and Beijing?

Hiro Fu

Much like the 2020 elections, the results of the 2024 elections are crucial to Taiwan’s future in the face of increasing Chinese aggressions.


Non-Resident Foreign Nationals Banned Entry to Taiwan as Surge in Infections Continues

TNL Staff

Health minister Chen Shih-chung said Taiwan will ban entry to foreign nationals without a residence permit from May 19 to June 18, with exceptions for emergency and humanitarian purposes.

高嘉瑜勝選 台北港湖藍天變綠地

Behind the Kao Chia-yu Saga

Nicholas Haggerty

The media-driven spectacle surrounding Kao Chia-yu belies real political forces at play.


OPINION: The Rise of Eccentric Third Parties in Taiwan and UK

David Evans

In both the U.K. and Taiwan, a third force is disrupting the longtime two-party political balance.


OPINION: How Would Ko Wen-je Disrupt Taiwan's 2020 Presidential Election?

Machi Lee

Why is Ko Wen-je, who almost lost his re-election and who has never declared a run for the presidency, widely considered to be a presidential hopeful?


All Bets Are Off: An Overview of Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Primaries

Besides the DPP and KMT primaries, there is still a lot left at play to determine who the candidates will be in Taiwan’s 2020 presidential election.

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