Solomon Islands


US Beefs up South Pacific Aid, Diplomacy as China Spreads Its Influence

Voice of America

Washington intends to return the U.S. Peace Corps to Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, and Vanuatu, citing progress toward reestablishing a U.S. Agency for International Development regional mission for the Pacific in Fiji.


Insights From Africa As China Stumbles in the Pacific

The Interpreter

Investment, infrastructure, and influence building – what worked for China before may not again elsewhere.


Unraveling the Controversies of Chinese Foreign Aid

East Asia Forum

China’s new aid and security pact with the Solomon Islands is the latest case to raise the question of whether Chinese aid is developmental or a political.


Solomon Islands: US, Australia Raise Concerns Over China Security Pact

Deutsche Welle

On Tuesday, China confirmed it had sealed a security pact with the Solomon Islands, which raised concerns over a potential Chinese military presence less than 2,000 km from Australia’s shores.


Taiwan-China Diplomatic Competition Comes to Somaliland

Voice of America

Taiwan’s diplomatic agreement with Somaliland, a self-governing territory, is seen as a symbolic victory.


Can China Lease the Entire Solomon Island?

The Interpreter

A month after the Solomon Islands severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan, Chinese corporations have allegedly signed exploitative agreements with the provincial governments, practically selling out the islands.


Did China Win the Pacific Race by Snatching Solomon and Kiribati?

The Interpreter

Behind Taiwan's loss of diplomatic allies, what have China, Australia, and the U.S. each gained or lost over last week's Pacific drama?


Losing Solomon Islands and Kiribati Could Work to Taiwan's Advantage

David Evans

The Solomon Islands and Kiribati have both switched allegiance from Taiwan to China, but is it really a loss for Taiwan?


BREAKING: Solomon Islands Officially Cuts Ties With Taiwan

Daphne K. Lee

The Solomon Islands cabinet has voted to cut ties from Taiwan today just hours after Taiwanese government officials arrived at the island.


Solomon Islands May Be Considering a Diplomatic Switch From Taiwan to China

The Interpreter

Prime Minister Rick Hou’s political party has said it will review Solomon Islands relations with Taiwan if elected, raising the possibility of a switch to China.

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