Asian Economies To Shrink for First Time in 60 Years

Deutsche Welle

Due to the devastating and prolonged effects of Covid-19, Asian economies are expected to end the year in negative territory for the first time since the 1960s, according to a new report by the Asian Development Bank.


US Chances of Rejoining the TPP Fade

Mike Callaghan

The remaining 11 members of the Trans Pacific Partnership are renegotiating a deal that leaves the US out in the cold.


OPINION: US Must Supplement Might with Statecraft in Asia-Pacific

Ali Wyne

Without a coherent trade policy to back it up, Pacific nations may well regard US muscle flexing as an anxious superpower’s unsustainable effort to contain China.


China’s Expanding Nuclear Submarine Force

Renny Babiarz.

China’s emergent sea-based nuclear deterrent is one part of a much broader expansion of China’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region.


How Asian Regionalism Could Prosper Under Trump

Troy Lee-Brown

Trump's dispute with Europe fuels doubts about the future of the East Asian regional order. Is the Indo-Pacific concept a viable option to complement or perhaps even help salvage the broader Asian regional project?


Trump's 'America First' is Unlikely to Shake Up the Asia Pacific

Ted Gover

While 'America First' serves as a break from the past — particularly in trade policy — it is improbable that it will radically shake up ties with Asia-Pacific partners.


Abe must Make an Effort in Easing Asia-Pacific Tensions

The Japan Times

The Abe administration should approach both Washington and Beijing in an effort to help ease mutual tensions and work for stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

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