Taiwan foreign policy

蔡總統獲贈福爾摩沙俱樂部紀念牌 象徵友誼長久

The Taiwan Lobby in Europe Counters Taiwan's Progressive Reputation

Martin Boyle

The Taiwan lobby in the United States is well known. The lobby exists in the UK and Europe, too, and plays a similar role at odds with Taiwan's progressive reputation.


As Taiwan’s Diplomatic Allies Dwindle, Students Are Caught in a Geopolitical Tug of War

J. Zach Hollo

Taiwan rewards diplomatic allies with scholarships for students to study at Taiwanese universities. When those countries switch diplomatic recognition to Beijing, Taiwan cuts the funds, leaving students to scramble.


'Heartbreaking': Taiwan's Salvadorans Express Anger and Frustration at Diplomatic Rupture

James Baron

Salvadorans in Taiwan reflect on their president's decision to switch diplomatic recognition to Beijing.

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