Ho Ching


Singapore’s Government Is Not ‘Pro-Worker.’ These Charts Show How.

Roy Ngerng

Singapore is not pro-worker. If anything, it is pro-GIC and pro-Temasek Holdings, and it is pro-ministers – while workers are left to languish.


Roy Ngerng Against the Prime Minister

Nicholas Haggerty

Ngerng’s case recalls the traditional battle lines in the struggle for free speech, a heroic picture of a dissenter against the state, whose cause is grounded in a vision of a just society.


Singapore’s POFMA Corrections Over Ho Ching’s Salary Raise Uncomfortable Questions

Roy Ngerng

Taiwanese media sparked public debate about the salary of Ho Ching, Singapore’s First Lady. The Singapore government swiftly attempted to shut down debate with its “anti-fake news” law.


ANALYSIS: Why Temasek Holdings' Singapore Pensions Claim Is Tosh

Roy Ngerng

The Singapore government's sovereign wealth fund can be shown to be consistently dishonest over whether it has access to national pension funds.

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