Covid Vaccination Rate ‘Must Increase Rapidly’, WHO, Red Cross Warn

Voice of America

WHO warns that global vaccination efforts need to be stepped up as Myanmar experiences ‘crippling Covid-19 crisis’


Myanmar Security Forces Kill 25 Villagers — Reports

Deutsche Welle

Villagers reportedly defended themselves with swords and homemade rifles against members of the ruling military junta. The soldiers “shot everything that moved,” according to one resident.


Myanmar: Court Extends US Journalist’s Detention

Deutsche Welle

Danny Fenster, a 37-year-old Michigan native, was detained last month as he tried to fly home to the United States. The U.S. State Department has urged Myanmar's military junta to release him immediately.


Doctor-Activist Defiant Against Myanmar Military

Voice of America

Myanmar's Dr. Ko Tayzar San, a prominent protest leader since the February 1 coup, is on the run


Myanmar Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Faces New Corruption Charges

Voice of America

Prosecutors accuse Aung San Suu Kyi of “committing corruption using her rank” involving allegedly accepting illegal payments and misuse of land.  


ASEAN’s Huge Gamble on Myanmar

The Interpreter

If it doesn’t move quickly on its hard-won consensus, the organization risks letting the junta call the shots.


Myanmar Crisis Prompts South Koreans To Revisit 1980s Struggle for Democracy

Voice of America

Korean elected officials and citizens demonstrate support for Myanmar citizens four decades after South Korea’s own democratic movement.


Myanmar and a New Kind of Civil War

The Interpreter

Urban dissidents trained by battle-hardened guerillas in the countryside could make things harder for the Myanmar military.


Inside Myanmar: Testimonies of Survival and Resistance

Global Voices

Testimonials of the Myanmar coup speak of the regime’s influence on daily life and the characteristics of the protest movement.


Myanmar’s Media Under Pressure From All Sides

Deutsche Welle

The Burmese military regime's increased crackdown on journalists and independent media has forced reporters underground. However, pressure mounts not only from the ruling junta but also from the opposition.

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