Myanmar’s Annus Horribilis

The Interpreter

The security situation is more complex and dangerous than it has been since the 1950s, without a resolution in sight.


Journalists Work Clandestinely in Post-Coup Myanmar

Voice of America

“The biggest challenge is trying to practice ethical journalism at this critical time. If we write about revolutionary forces, the military will arrest us. Pro-revolutionary forces also label us pro-military media while reporting on military matters.”


If Pushed Far Enough, Would Myanmar Leave ASEAN?

The Interpreter

Myanmar’s generals once feared joining the regional body would expose the country to foreign pressures.


Myanmar’s Military Junta Has Long-Term Power Plans

East Asia Forum

The Myanmar military has extended its emergency rule until 2023. What does it plan to do in the next two years?


Exiled Physician Fighting for a Better Myanmar

Voice of America

“The origin of the legitimacy is really with the will of the people of Myanmar,” said a minister of Myanmar’s shadow government formed in the wake of the coup. “The U.N.’s duty is to uphold the will of the people of Myanmar. That is the obligation.”


Myanmar Junta Forms Caretaker Government; Min Aung Hlaing is Prime Minister

Voice of America

6 months after coup, Myanmar military leader claims both recommitment to elections as well as working with ASEAN representatives.


Released Journalists Share Prison Experiences in Myanmar

Global Voices

In late June, the Myanmar military government released more than 2,000 prisoners arrested for resisting the coup, including 12 journalists. At least 36 journalists are still in detention.


Covid Vaccination Rate ‘Must Increase Rapidly’, WHO, Red Cross Warn

Voice of America

WHO warns that global vaccination efforts need to be stepped up as Myanmar experiences ‘crippling Covid-19 crisis’


Myanmar Security Forces Kill 25 Villagers — Reports

Deutsche Welle

Villagers reportedly defended themselves with swords and homemade rifles against members of the ruling military junta. The soldiers “shot everything that moved,” according to one resident.


Myanmar: Court Extends US Journalist’s Detention

Deutsche Welle

Danny Fenster, a 37-year-old Michigan native, was detained last month as he tried to fly home to the United States. The U.S. State Department has urged Myanmar's military junta to release him immediately.

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