Myanmar: Junta Air Strike Kills Dozens, Rebel Group Says

Deutsche Welle

The Kachin Independence Organization says the Myanmar military carried out air strikes on a concert to celebrate the group's founding. The attacks reportedly killed some 80 people, including musicians and civilians.


Myanmar: A Desperate Junta Trying, and Failing, To Shore up Its Legitimacy

The Interpreter

Aung San Suu Kyi’s Australian economic adviser was sentenced to three years in prison. It won’t help the Myanmar junta’s international isolation or its domestic problems.


Myanmar: What Can Indonesia Do as ASEAN Chair To Help End Overshadowed Conflict?

The Conversation

Indonesia, whose authoritarian leader stepped down from power in 1998, offers Myanmar an example of military reform.


Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly for Displaced Rohingya People

Voice of America

The International Court of Justice in July allowed a case to proceed alleging that Myanmar performed acts of genocide against the Rohingya after dismissing objections by the junta.


Myanmar, South China Sea To Divide, Dominate ASEAN Summit

Voice of America

Most ASEAN countries want a united front on a code of conduct for the South China Sea, but critics claim Beijing, which wants to handle negotiations on a country-by-country basis, has used Cambodia to thwart progress on an agreement and to block diplomatic opposition to its maritime claims.


Myanmar Prolongs State of Emergency for Six Months

Deutsche Welle

The Myanmar junta’s National Defense and Security Council gave unanimous approval for the decision, according to state media.


UN Investigator Warns of Increased Violence in Myanmar

Voice of America

More than a quarter million children have been displaced by junta attacks, hundreds have been killed or maimed, and more than 1,400 arbitrarily detained, said the UN special rapporteur.


Malaysia Suggests ASEAN Engage Myanmar’s Shadow Government

Voice of America

To establish regular, open contact with ASEAN would be a big win for the National Unity Government, which is struggling to show control on the ground and has started to fade from the international spotlight.


Myanmar Junta Hits Opposition Forces With Communications Blackouts

Voice of America

Myanmar’s junta has been cracking down on opposition forces by cutting off mobile internet service and telephone lines in strongholds of local armed groups.

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