How Myanmar’s Junta Uses Telecom Companies to Target Journalists

Voice of America

With Myanmar’s four mobile service providers now either directly or indirectly linked to the military, sensitive user data is more easily accessible and could be used to persecute opposition voices, experts say.


Chinese Companies Reportedly Halt Rare Earth Mining in Myanmar After Protests

Voice of America

Protests broke out in Myanmar’s Kachin State following the Kachin Independence Organization’s decision to grant Chinese companies permission to mine in the area near the border with China’s Yunnan Province.


Military Violence in Myanmar Is Worsening Amid Fierce Resistance and International Ambivalence

The Conversation

The escalating violence in Myanmar can be attributed to a miscalculation by the military regime over the resistance of the people and the ambivalence from the international community.


Could Myanmar Be Implicated in Russia’s War Against Ukraine?

Voice of America

The head of Ukraine’s defense intelligence says Russia is buying weapons via third countries, and Myanmar might be one of them.


Crackdown, Financial Constraints Limit Myanmar Protests

Voice of America

Donations to anti-government organizations have gradually dropped, but living costs and expenses for protests are rising.


Why Has the West Given Billions in Military Aid to Ukraine, but Virtually Ignored Myanmar?

The Conversation

It proves challenging to build a narrative around the Myanmar crisis due to the complexities within the country.


UN Rights Expert Warns Myanmar Military Planning Sham Elections

Voice of America

The U.N. special rapporteur for Myanmar said the junta would try to spin a narrative to the population that the international community is accepting their regime.


No International-backed End in Sight to the Misery in Myanmar

East Asia Forum

The most likely outcome in Myanmar is that longstanding hesitation about entanglement in a wider war will discourage foreign players from taking more aggressive, interventionist approaches.


UN Council Adopts Resolution Urging End to Myanmar Violence

Voice of America

This is the first Security Council resolution on Myanmar since the country became a U.N. member in 1948.


Countdown to Asia’s Summit Season

The Interpreter

Conflict in Myanmar and Ukraine against a backdrop of U.S.‑China tension – a crowded agenda will unfold in coming weeks.

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