China’s Media Misses the Mark on Myanmar

East Asia Forum

China's media has largely ignored Myanmar's political crisis and the plight of its people, focusing instead on criminal networks involved in online scams.


How a Myanmar Offensive Challenges China Stance on Stability

Voice of America

China faces a challenge in determining whether it prioritizes stability or influence in the wake of a coordinated attack by three ethnic groups along the China-Myanmar border.


Myanmar’s Military Reaches Into Migrant Pockets

East Asia Forum

Recent orders issued by Myanmar’s junta will result in higher costs and lower disposable income for migrant workers.


Myanmar’s New Reality Without Aung San Suu Kyi

Deutsche Welle

Aung San Suu Kyi, the face of democracy in Myanmar, is facing poor health while imprisoned following the 2021 military coup. Despite her party NLD’s dominance, analysts say it still relies heavily on Suu Kyi’s leadership.


Myanmar Junta Grants Partial Pardon To Detained Leaders Amid Continuing Crisis and Resistance

Global Voices

Critics decipher Myanmar military junta’s decision of granting a partial pardon to Aung San Suu Kyi as merely a tactic to divert the attention of opposition forces and alleviate international condemnation.


US Dismisses China’s Rejection of UN Accusations of Arms Transfers to Myanmar

Voice of America

A United Nations report claims that Myanmar's military imported weapons and related material worth at least $1 billion from China and Russia since the military junta's 2021 coup.


Can China Help Bring Peace to Myanmar?

East Asia Forum

When the dust finally settles in Myanmar, its people will rightly ask who sustained the reviled military regime. Right now, the answer is that Beijing offered ‘friendship’ to the coup-makers, an irony for a Communist Party so committed to regime and institutional stability.


Myanmar’s Young Pro-Democracy Activists Fill up Prisons

Deutsche Welle

At least 13,000 political prisoners are currently behind bars in Myanmar, according to the United Nations.


Myanmar Junta Scaling up Air War on Resistance

Voice of America

The frequency and consistency with which the airstrikes are hitting civilian targets has charities, rights groups and analysts convinced they’re expressly in the junta’s crosshairs. “Every single hospital up here and every clinic has been bombed in Karenni, and many in Karen state and Chin as well,” said Eubank, a former U.S. Special Forces officer.


Food Rations for Each Rohingya Refugee Drops to US$8 per Month

Voice of America

The Rohingya are increasingly stuck between a rock and a hard place as international donors act to wash off their hands and move on to the next tragedy.

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