gig economy


As China’s  Gig Economy Booms, Concerns Grow Over Worker Protections

Voice of America

A Chinese food delivery worker set himself on fire to protest unpaid wages. With spotlight on their working conditions, China's gig workers are unlikely to get the legal aid to defend their rights.


HONG KONG: Trapped in 'Slash' Land, Workers Struggle for Gig Economy Freedom

Global Voices

Hong Kong's media appears to rejoice in the city's embrace of the gig economy, but the reality is more bleak.


Fixing China's Sharing Economy Woes

China Labour Bulletin

Labor strikes, low wages, and impossible deliveries have ravaged China's gig economy. Simply hiring contracted workers may lead to sustainable growth.


'Thailand 4.0': No Security in the Growing Thai Gig Economy

New Mandala

Thailand has high hopes for the growth of its sharing economy. Despite promising early returns for workers, there is little reason to believe they will lead to long-term stability.

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