Taiwan Relations Act


Do Americans Support Recognizing Taiwan?

Timothy S. Rich

Survey shows Americans who view China more positively are less likely to support recognizing Taiwan as an independent country.


Taiwan Says Chinese Warplanes Are Crossing a Median Line, but Is There a Median Line?

Voice of America

The median line of the Taiwan Strait, which has never reached the status of a formal agreement, becomes a sore spot when Taiwan-China relations sour.


A Middle Path Between Strategic Ambiguity and Clarity on Taiwan

Jenny Li

The U.S.'s strategic ambiguity on Taiwan is outdated, but 'strategic clarity' may risk war. Policy makers ought to strike a balance.


Is 2019 the Breakthrough Year for U.S.-Taiwan Relations?

Milo Hsieh

After forty years of the Taiwan Relations Act, as both parties are presented with an increasingly aggressive China, Milo Hsieh argues it's time for a new chapter in relations between the U.S. and Taiwan.


Looking Back at 40 Years of US-Taiwan Ties Under the Taiwan Relations Act

Taiwan Insight

The Taiwan Relations Act has provided for stability in US-Taiwan relations while allowing for enough ambiguity to keep Beijing at bay.


How Taiwan Can Survive the Next Phase of the US-China Rivalry

Taiwan Insight

As the African proverb goes: 'When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled.'

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