US-China trade war


Analysts: Thaw in Sino-US Trade Dispute Would Lift World Supply Chains, Dent Southeast Asia

Voice of America

Southeast Asian countries should expect less investment by multinationals trying to sustain U.S.-bound exports without shipping from China.


In Bid To Rely Less on US, China Firms Stockpile Taiwan Tech Hardware

Voice of America

Chinese technology firms are stockpiling semiconductors made in Taiwan, which produces some of the world's most advanced chips, in an effort to depend less on U.S. supplies


The Semiconductor Industry Is Where Politics Gets Real for Taiwan

The Interpreter

These tiny semiconductor chips, accounting for 15% of Taiwan's GDP, can profoundly change the world as the U.S. and China fight over the brains of electronics.


Anxious Chinese Consumers Expect Coronavirus Crisis to Last Until Summer

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Chinese consumers are expecting the coronavirus to last until July despite local economists predicting a quick recovery in the second quarter.


Coronavirus: Time for Taiwan to Double Down on China Decoupling

Xiaochen Su

Taiwanese firms based in China are further exposed to operational disruptions due to the coronavirus outbreak. It's time for the Taiwanese government to play up its reshoring initiatives.


US-China Trade War Could Setback Global Sustainability Efforts


If the U.S.-China trade war continues, China's efforts to go green will be negated and the impact will spread globally.


The US-China Trade War Drives the World Toward Crisis


The intensifying U.S.-China trade war is turning into a global disaster — no one is safe from it.


Who Won the US-China Trade War? Vietnam


Vietnam emerges as a winner as the United States and China are butting heads against each other.


China at a Crossroads on Economic Growth at National People's Congress

James Borton

Chinese attempts to jumpstart its sluggish economy at this year's National People's Congress overlook the country's previously stated environmental goals.


How Taiwan Can Survive the Next Phase of the US-China Rivalry

Taiwan Insight

As the African proverb goes: 'When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled.'

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