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What Can Taiwan Learn From Ukraine? Interview With Disinformation and Civil Defense Expert Puma Shen

Global Voices

Strengthening Ukraine-Taiwan relations can be done by providing components for military equipment, refuting global rumors, and learning from China’s experience.


AI: Help or Hindrance in Fight Against Disinformation?

Deutsche Welle

The impact of AI on human decision-making is explored in a discussion among media experts and politicians at Berlin's Humboldt University.


Creatives as Frontliners in the Philippines’ Fight Against Disinformation

East Asia Forum

The Marcos and Duterte camps have been successful in advancing compelling narratives for their political gain. But these narratives are not necessarily durable. As media studies scholar Jason Cabanes and historian Fernando Santiago put it, counter-disinformation efforts can “turn disinformation campaigns on their head by turning their own strategies against them.”


China’s Online Meddling Goes Beyond the Great Firewall

The Interpreter

Supporting the human rights movement in China should include fostering a fact-based Chinese-language information environment in which activists can get reliable news and analysis.


Coronavirus Furthers Chinese-Style Internet Censorship in Singapore

Xiaochen Su

Singapore's use of its anti-misinformation law resembles Chinese-style censorship.


Taiwan Pushes Back Against Coronavirus Disinformation

Daphne K. Lee

Disgruntled Chinese netizens are suspected to spread disinformation on the novel coronavirus outbreak status in Taiwan.


Notepad++ and GitHub Are the Latest Victims of Chinese Internet Trolls

Daniel Kao

GitHub, a generally apolitical platform for developers to discuss and collaborate on engineering projects, has fallen victim to Chinese internet trolls due to a Notepad++ update named "Free Uyghur."


State Propaganda Tops Cat Videos on Chinese Social Media Platforms

The Interpreter

Chinese youth don't always pay attention to traditional media outlets like CCTV, but their frequently used digital platforms are now filled with state propaganda tailored based on their user data.


3 Things We Learned From the 936 Banned Chinese Twitter Accounts

TNL Staff

Twitter recently removed 936 China-linked accounts in a disinformation crackdown — let's take a look at how the internet army behaves.


ANALYSIS: Tracking Disinformation, Trust and Security in Taiwan

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan's battle against disinformation opens the door to familiar questions about the importance of freedom vs. security.

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