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Urban Nomad Fall Freakout Promises the Weird and the Wonderful

Cat Thomas

The Urban Nomad Fall Freakout, held Saturday, October 3 at Tiger Mountain, promises music, performance art, and arts and crafts.


FILM REVIEW: 'A Bread Factory' Gears Up for Urban Nomad Premiere

Cat Thomas

Patrick Wang’s epic two-parter 'A Bread Factory' has its Taiwan premiere at 2019 Urban Nomad Film Festival and is a compelling story for our times.


INTERVIEW: Hao Wu, Director of 'The People’s Republic of Desire'

Cat Thomas

SXSW Grand Jury Prize winning film 'The People’s Republic of Desire' will open this year’s Urban Nomad with its disturbing Black Mirror-esque look at the world of live streaming in China.


The Ultimate Guide to Taipei's Urban Nomad Opening Freakout

Cat Thomas

Get your dancing shoes on for Taipei’s best-loved festival of all that is weird and wonderful: The Urban Nomad Opening Freakout. Here's all the info on the festival including the timetable, music clips and top tips.


INTERVIEW: Urban Nomad Subverts, Inspires, Strengthens

Cat Thomas

This year's offerings cover dashcams, porn, punk and violent revolutions.

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