Rodrigo Durterte


ICC Pushes Probe on the Philippines’ Drug War

The Interpreter

The Philippines’ decision not to rejoin the International Criminal Court sets a precedent for other countries to leave multilateral institutions whenever state leaders feel intimidated or uncomfortable.


Thousands of Filipino Families to Be Displaced by Chinese-Backed Construction Craze

Michael Beltran

The Philippines are preparing to jump into a manic building spree, backed by Chinese investments. The relocation of the native inhabitants seems like an afterthought.


Martial Law Lifted in Philippine South, But Military Presence Persists

The Interpreter

The role of the military on the strife-torn Philippine island isn’t about to change – and will continue to ensnare legal activists.

Panday Sining Manila

Manila's Arrest of Dissident Artists Could Interfere With Freedom of Expression

Michael Beltran

On November 30, the Manila police arrested street artists who were writing political messages on the wall for "vandalism." Many are now interpreting the act as the government's crackdown on freedom of expression.


Duterte Shoved the Philippines Further Into the Dragon's Mouth

Michael Beltran

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s fifth visit to Beijing resulted in a failure to assert territorial claims, again.

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