Hot Button Issue: North Korea’s Bold New Nuclear Stance

The Interpreter

Regional leaders would do well to focus on engagement with Pyongyang after missile launches set a dangerous precedent.


3rd Moon-Kim Summit: No Guarantees on the Korean Peninsula

The Interpreter

It’s the first follow-up summit between North and South Korean leaders, but will it yield anything of substance?


Why US-North Korea Peace Negotiations Have Hit a Diplomatic Wall

East Asia Forum

Diplomatic momentum has hit a standstill as the two sides cannot decide on the implementation of the four articles of the Singapore declaration.


OPINION: Asia Can Lead North Korea Human Rights Dialogue

Policy Forum

A multilateral, Asian-led human rights discourse with North Korea offers an alternative to failed Western-led approaches.


North Korea Begins Dismantling Rocket Launch Site


Satellite images suggest Kim Jong-un is engaged in a confidence building exercise.


EDITORIAL: Trump Gives Up the Store to Kim the Murderous Dictator

David Green

Trump has shown Kim the ultimate kindness in offering him everything and receiving nothing in return.


Trump-Kim Summit Delivers Signatures, Assurances and Show of Unity


The nature of the documents signed and whether North Korea will abide by their terms remains to be seen.


Socialist Switcheroo: North Korea Looks to the Vietnam Economic Model

The Interpreter

Will Kim make good on his promise to favor a more open economic model?


OPINION: North Korean Denuclearization Remains a Long Shot


North Korea's clocks may have moved forward to match those in the South, but the nuclear doomsday ticker still hovers close to midnight.

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