Benny Tai


Landmark Trial Opens for Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists

Voice of America

Thirty-one of the 47 pleaded guilty before the case came to trial. According to the prosecutor, four of the 47 defendants are set to testify against the 16 who did not plead guilty.


HONG KONG: China Frets over Protest Marches and District Council Polls

Suzanne Pepper

Democrats need to walk a fine line in order to keep Hong Kong's big issue in play.


HONG KONG: Beijing's Long Shadow Falls over Press Freedom

Suzanne Pepper

'Constructive criticism of Chinese Communist Party leadership will always be allowed,' claimed one pro-Beijing politician, but recent developments have debunked that statement.


HONG KONG: Benny Tai's Topsy-turvy Taiwan Journey

Suzanne Pepper

Benny Tai's comments on the future possibility of self-determination for people and places in Greater China was nothing new but Beijing's reaction frames new limits on freedom of speech in Hong Kong.

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