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Xi and Trump's G20 Tariff Truce: The Trade War Is Far From Over

The Interpreter

The US and China paused a tariff hike, effectively kicking the can 90 days down the road.


ANALYSIS: How the US Can Take China to Task on Trade Secrets

The Conversation

Unfair competition law offers a sharper and more effective weapon than tariffs in the drive to even the trading playing field.


ANALYSIS: Southeast Asia Doubles Down on Trade amid Protectionist Fears

The Interpreter

Caught between trade deals and heavily dependent on external trade, ASEAN may be forced to decide between the US and China.


OPINION: The US-China Trade War Will Ripple Across the Developing World

The Interpreter

Taxes on imports won't just disturb the economies of the two industrial giants.


Even as Trade War Looms, the US Auto Industry Sees a Savior in China


The Chinese market is still a minefield for foreign automakers, however.

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