MALAYSIA: What Happened to UMNO and Malay Support During GE14?

New Mandala

Despite regime change at the top, the United Malays National Organisation retains strong support from the Malaysian people.


MALAYSIA: Out with the Old and in with the New

The Interpreter

A massive cull of key officials left over from the previous government is underway as Prime Minister Mahathir gets down to work.


Cash-strapped Malaysia Terminates Singapore High-Speed Rail Plan

Peter Guest

Malaysia's new Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is cleaning house, and the much-needed rail link is an early casualty.


OPINION: Malaysia's House of Cards and 2-Party Democracy

Dr. Amir F.N. Abdul Manan

It is time to take steps to ensure Malaysia matures into a strong two-party democracy.


Malaysia's Real Political Struggle Is Just Beginning

The Conversation

The election went smoothly, but the political forecast looks rough.


OPINION: 'Critical Optimism' Lights Malaysia's Way Forward

Netusha Naidu

A personal narrative of how GE14 flew in the face of expectations of a global democratic decline.


MALAYSIA: Views from the Street on Our Political Future

Khaw Chia Hui

Voters from all sides of the spectrum offer their views in the wake of Malaysia's historic election.


Will Election Upheaval Influence Malaysia's Illiberal Neighbors?

New Mandala

Mahathir is back at the helm, but it remains an open question whether or not he represents real change.


Politics and Personality Keep Malaysia Spellbound as Mahathir Rules Again

Khaw Chia Hui

Disbelief and trepidation linger after Mahathir's unprecedented general election victor.


CARTOON: Captain Democracy Flies to Malaysia's Rescue

Stellina Chen

Will time and its emissary, Mahathir Mohamad, heal Malaysia's wounds?

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