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Why Does So Much of the World’s Manufacturing Still Take Place in China?

The Conversation

Despite significant financial and political pressures, many companies are still not moving more of their production out of China. Why not? As it turns out, China has mastered the craft of manufacturing.


No Timeline Set for Writing US Rules on Certain Investment to China

Voice of America

Both Washington and Beijing appear keen for ties to improve ahead of the Asia Pacific Economic Forum that Biden is set to host in San Francisco in November. Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly wants to attend.


Survey: US Perceptions of China in the Early Biden Era

Timothy S. Rich

Our survey indicates a broadly shared concern about China in the United States, but not necessarily a consensus on what to do in regards to the economic challenges China poses.


US Judge Halts Government Ban on TikTok

Voice of America

The Trump administration wants TikTok and WeChat removed from app stores.


US Officials, Lawmakers Blast WTO Ruling on US Tariffs on China

Voice of America

The World Trade Organization ruled that some punitive measures introduced by the Trump administration against China broke international trading rules.


US Set To Block Imports From China Over Forced Labor

Deutsche Welle

Washington has cited forced labor in western Xinjiang autonomous region as grounds to ban Chinese cotton and tomatoes. The measures would hit a wide array of industries and could have far-reaching consequences for U.S. retailers.


Who Won the US-China Trade War? Vietnam


Vietnam emerges as a winner as the United States and China are butting heads against each other.


Want to Understand the US-China Trade War? Turn Back the Clock to 1784

Stuart Heaver

Trade tensions between the US and China have roots in 18th century tea tariffs and opium clippers.


Taiwan's Foxconn Is Considering Opening an iPhone Factory in Vietnam


The Taiwanese technology giant previously expressed an interest in evading the US-China trade war.


Xi and Trump's G20 Tariff Truce: The Trade War Is Far From Over

The Interpreter

The US and China paused a tariff hike, effectively kicking the can 90 days down the road.

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