Taiwan fisheries


'There Is No God Here': An Excerpt From Life on Taiwan's High Seas Vessels

Li A-ming

'If all the fishermen were Taiwanese, would the conditions be any different? This a question I have thought about for a very long time.'


Family Demands Justice After Vietnamese Man Dies in Police Handcuffs

TNL Staff

Hoang Van Doan died in April after being detained by, and escaping from, police in the mountains of Alishan. His family wants a full investigation.


OPINION: Taiwan Must Address Abuse, Illegal Fishing Aboard Its Vessels

Max Schmid

Failure to tackle illegal fishing and human rights abuse in the Taiwanese fleet harms the country’s reputation and jeopardizes millions of dollars in seafood trade.


Lost at Sea? Taiwanese Fishery Regulation Faces Continued Scrutiny

Nick Aspinwall

As Taiwan’s fishing industry awaits a critical EU decision, nonprofits and NGOs call for assistance for migrant workers and improvements in deep sea regulation.

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