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Taipei City

Ko Wen-je_柯文哲

Media Accuses Taipei of 'Leaking‘ Personal Info of 350,000 Students

Olivia Yang

The Taipei City Government denies reports of a massive leak of school children's personal information.


Illegal Daily Rental Apartments Taking Over Taipei


The Department of Information and Tourism of the Taipei City Government has already requested websites, like Airbnb, with rooms that don't have hotel license numbers to take the rooms off their websites. Regarding this, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je believes the illegal apartments have appeared because there are no cheap hotels in Taipei.


2017 University Games Athletes’ Village Will Become Social Housing for Young Adults and Vulnerable Groups

TNL 編輯

New Taipei City Deputy Mayor Hou You-yi says that constructions in Linkou have been developing rapidly. Linkou is now the fastest growing city in Taiwan by population. After the public housing is initiated, it could provide living spaces for more than 10,000 people.


Taipei's Airspace to be Liberated; Songshan Airport Will Relocate by 2020


Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je believes that it’s impossible to terminate the airport now as it provides service to 6.1 million tourists annually, or 20 thousand tourists daily. So the ideal solution is to alter its service by transferring it to Taoyuan Airport. However, the scheduled time for the completion of the third and fourth terminals at Taoyuan Airport, as well as a third runway, will influence the relocation of Songshan Airport.


After Typhoon Soudelor; What's More Important than Crooked Mailboxes?


The heavy rain and strong winds in Taipei City broke the record of damaged trees and turned the city into a disaster area. At least 4,000 trees in parks and on the roadside snapped or fell down.

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