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Chinese censorship


Unpacking the Swift Chinese Netizen Clapback to Lil Pump's Racist Song

Nick Aspinwall

When Chinese netizens slide past censors to air their grievances, they're key cogs in a massive and well-oiled outrage machine.


After Fan Bingbing & Meng Hongwei, Nobody Is Safe in Xi Jinping's China

Global Voices

Both the starlet and the cop are victims of Xi's newest repression tactic: liuzhi, or retention in custody.


CARTOON: Google's Dragonfly Buzzes Behind Great Firewall

Stellina Chen

The company that once said it wouldn't be evil has publicly touted its plans to launch a censored search engine in China.


Fear and Censorship in China Following Latest Vaccine Scandal

Global Voices

The low-quality vaccines have not been shown to harm anyone, but citizens are outraged as another scandal has rocked China's pharmaceutical companies. And internet censors are out in full force.


OPINION: The CCP's Greatest Fear Is That Taiwan Does Not Fear Them

TJ Ting

The main purpose of Chinese censorship isn’t to keep the truth from being exposed, but to maintain an unquestioning attitude to authority.

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