Chinese censorship


Animal Crossing Disappeared From Stores in China

Daphne K. Lee

China quietly removed Animal Crossing from the shelves overnight, prompting netizen outrage.

孔子 Statue of Confucius at Confucian Temple in Shanghai, China

How Much Influence Do Confucius Institutes Have in Australia?

The Interpreter

Properly examining the allegations against Confucius Institutes will allow Australia to assess more credible threats of China’s foreign influence.


China Cuts Nearly 2 Minutes of LGBT Content From Bohemian Rhapsody


Moviegoers were left confused by censorship in the Chinese release of Bohemian Rhapsody.


Banned From WeChat: Huawei, ZTE, 'Amazing China' and 'Salted Fish'

Global Voices

Don't talk about Meng Wanzhou, don't talk about the US ban on ZTE, don't call Huawei a 'demon's mirror.'


Reddit Users Hit Back at US$150m Tencent Investment With Censorship Memes

Oiwan Lam

Reddit users are voicing their opposition to Chinese-style censorship with memes.


China's Fourth Wave of Feminism: Despite Censorship, #MeToo Perseveres

Policy Forum

Feminism has a long history in China, but #MeToo has met a wall of state and societal censorship.

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