circular economy


OPINION: Time for Taiwan to Get Serious About Reusing Its Food Waste

Taiwan should embrace technology that will convert food waste to energy and fuel the circular economy, writes Tim Heberlein, founder of TS Edgewater Consultants.


OPINION: How to Reduce Hong Kong’s Plastic Waste in 5 Steps

Eileen Nasert

All of Hong Kong's remaining landfills are expected to reach capacity before 2020. With waste exports to China off the table, sustainable action is needed – fast.


Dutch Trade Office: Taiwan Must Act Now to Build a Circular Future

David Green

Taiwan must move on from mere sloganeering when it comes to circular economy and set binding targets to galvanize industry.


Tainan's Student 'Resource Wizards' Tap into the Circular Economy

Nate Maynard

One program at National Cheng Kung University is trying to push new concepts that go beyond recycling.

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