Bump & Grind: How a US-China Naval Dispute Might Escalate


Are a Chinese navy ship's recent dangerous maneuvers close to a US navy destroyer in the South China Sea a prelude to further attempts to deter freedom of navigation operations through deliberate collisions at sea?


ANALYSIS: Royal Navy Set Fair for Heightened Indo-Pacific Operations

The Interpreter

The British Royal Navy is keen to demonstrate it remains a global power despite significant budget constraints.


The World Is Waking Up to Beijing's South China Sea Ambitions

East Asia Forum

Governments from London to Kuala Lumpur are no longer content to allow China to operate uncontested in the South China Sea.


OPINION: US South China Sea Saber-rattling Stokes China Conflict Danger

East Asia Forum

Objectivity, fairness and balance are increasingly hard to find in analysis of China’s actions in the South China Sea.​​​​​​​


OPINION: Are American Freedom of Navigation Operations Necessary?

Ngo Di Lan

The U.S. is determined to resist Chinese expansion in the South China Sea, but it may not have the political will to make regular patrols.

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