Taiwan Travel Act


Is 2019 the Breakthrough Year for U.S.-Taiwan Relations?

Milo Hsieh

After forty years of the Taiwan Relations Act, as both parties are presented with an increasingly aggressive China, Milo Hsieh argues it's time for a new chapter in relations between the U.S. and Taiwan.


OPINION: Time for Trump to Start a New Chapter of US-Taiwan Relations

Kent Wang

The Trump administration's disregard for the rules-based world order doesn't mesh with its stated Indo-Pacific strategy. Here's how to fix that to the benefit of Taiwan.


Q&A: TECO New York's Brian Su on Fighting for Taiwan Against China

David Green

After writing to The Wall Street Journal to make quite clear that 'Taiwan Is Not a Part of the People’s Republic', Brian Su talks about the importance and strategy of raising Taiwan's international profile.


OPINION: After AIT Opening, It's Time to Stop Downplaying US-Taiwan Ties

Dean Karalekas

Despite hype over the potential for Washington to make a real statement about its support for Taiwan at the opening of the new AIT complex, the end result was familiarly low-key.


Xi Whistles in the Wind

Stellina Chen

China's president is trying to play the referee over the Taiwan Travel Act, but is he holding the right cards?


OPINION: Western Media Is Misreading the Taiwan Travel Act

New Bloom

The Taiwan Travel Act merely signals the potential of closer US-Taiwan ties, and from a reluctant and unpredictable White House at that.

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